Q) Ethash mining? What is this?

A) Ethahs mining is the latest alternative to Bitcoin/Litecoin, which uses the SHA256/Scrypt algorithm. Ethhash is more secure because it is slower and requires much faster memory process than Bitcoin.

Q) You use the word equivalent in your products, what does that mean?

A) Hashing is a mathematical function. This means it’s possible to easily calculate how many hashes will be done when the rate and duration are known. For example, 12 hours at 3,000khs is the same as 6 hours at 6,000khs they’ll both do the same amount of hashes, however the second option is better due to the coins adjusting in difficulty. It means you’ll mine more coins in  a shorter amount of time!

We take this to the next level with a system designed and written to log each and every hash you get and dynamically adjust to the changing hashrate. Even if a problem occurs with a machine, the system will see it as offline and ensure it makes it up to you.

Q) What operating system(s) are you using?

A) The OS of choice is SMOS due to it’s stability and features. You can find it here: http://www.smos-linux.org/

Q) What cards do you have? Any ASICs?

A) Currently there is a mix of RX 470/480, RX 570/580, and 1080 TIs in use. It’s changing all the time!

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