About Us

What started out as a fun project has turned into a much larger scale mining operation.

First Bitcoin mining with GPUs, then ASICs, and now Scrypt mining has hit the scene.

Our farm runs on the stable Linux based mining operating systems with custom coded watchdog and management systems ensure maximum uptime and the quickest delivery of your contract.

Upgrades are frequent and planned, we strive to provide the best experience anywhere.

Mining any scrypt coin is possible: Litecoin, Dogecoin, Auroracoin, Feathercoin, any of them!

Support for the new scrypt-jane and vertcoins is planned as well.

We have an eBay store if you’re looking for some legitimacy as well! You can find it here:¬†http://stores.ebay.com/soothaa

And just check out what our customers are saying about us!


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